The employers interested in employing teen-age apprentices can contact the equipe of the project “Teen-age Apprentice”:
fax: +71 3276-0026
mobile phone: 0055 71 8814-1856
Through this contact the company can require : the visit of an expert to receive information on the project ; the work proposal via fax or email and the laws related to adolescent labour and the form for the adhesion of the project.
It is important tonote that the employer who is interested in this project will receive a reductions in the contributions to the FGTS from 8% to 2.5% and will have to register the adolescent in the professional apprentice programme.
Once the project is accepted as well as the form of contract, the legal and administrative office will prepare the contract between the company and our instituition, and it will offer a servcice of counselling for a right employment of the adolescent.
At the same time the selection will take place and then the formation of the adolescent can start.
After the adolescents are accepted in the company they will be followed by an employee responsible for their behaviour. This person will orientate the apprentices with the rules of the company and with their tasks. They will also be in touch with the expert of the project, responsible for the adolescent in the fields of the company, family, formation and education.


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Rua do meio, n. 1A, Largo da Mariquira, Rio Vermelho
CEP: 40296-710. Salvador - Ba - Brasil
Te.: (71) 3276-0026 Cel.: (71) 8814-1856