ACOPAMEC – The Association of the Parish Community of the districts Mata Escura and Calabetão was founded in 1990. It develops activities with poor children and young people of their areas, among them: professional formation, help in school education, houses, family and others.
Agata Esmeralda – The charity association Agata Esmeralda, also called Project Agata Esmeralda, is a non-profit NGO. It started its activities in 1992 in Salvador da Bahia with the objective of offering a financial and technical-administrative support to the communities and groups already active in the field of assistance for children and teen-agers in social risks. This support helped organise a battle for children and teen-agers rights as an answer to more and more globalised and discriminatory world.

CESSAM – Created in 1997 by the Jesuits of Bahia, it was born with the prospect of collaborating with the poorest population of Salvador, it is a Social Centre called “Tomorrow Seeds” – CESSAM, a filanthropical entity dealing with social assistance, welcoming and formation for children and adolescents with strong social disadvantages. These people are accompanied by competent institutions like: Public Minister, Council for the protection of the young, Tribunal for the infants and adolescents.
IBCM – The Charity Institution “Conceição Macero” was founded in 1989 with the aim of looking after people with HIV and AIDS coming from the emarginated social parts of the city, victims of prejudices, discrimination and abandon. Today it also operates with horphans with AIDS (children and adolescents), who are in a situation of social risk.

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