In order to answer the various problems facing teen-agers victims of social exclusion, in the city of Salvador da Bahia, the assistance institution “Conceiçao Macedo (IBCM)” together with others linked to the Law of Apprenticeship (10.097), created the project “Teen-age Apprentice”, which since 1999 has helped teen-agers find a job.
The project can count on a group of professional voluntary people: social assistants, lawyers, pedagogical experts, advertisers, administrators, philosophers, teologists, psychologists and a technical team. The teen-agers are accompanied to the world of work. Professionals dealing with public relations visit the potential companies and try to sensibilise the employers on the social responsibilities and on the law of apprenticeship. The area of marketing publicises the project and tries to find new jobs for the teen-age apprententices.
All this is possibile thanks to the support and orientation offered by the Minister of Work, the Regional Delegation of Work, the Tribunal for the Infants and Adolescents, the Council for the defence of children and adolenscents, as well as by the partenerships with other societies and institutes.
In 2003 COELBA (electrical company) through the partnership with the “Teen-age Apprentences – Young Citizen Project” , won two prizes from the Brasilian Association of Human Resources (ABRH) and the Association Sales and Marketing Directors of Bahia (ADVB):

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